Aug 06, 2012

Pay For Quality: Join

I like paying for good software. There are applications I use every day, some for hours a day, that make my experience on the web and on my computers better. I have paid for Reeder on three platforms, Tweetbot on two1, Pinboard, and many others. I like to pay ...

Jul 12, 2012

Follow up to Nesi’s Notes Guest Post: Woonsocket School Funding

Some expanded thoughts beyond my Nesi’s Notes guest post on school funding in Pawtucket and Woonsocket.

Jul 12, 2012

Legal Context: Can Woonsocket Successfully Sue the State for Additional Aid?

My last post ended with an important question, “Who is responsible for ensuring students are receiving a certain minimum quality education?”

This is my attempt at answering that question.

Does the state have a legal obligation to fiscally ensure that Woonsocket students are receiving an equitable, adequate, and meaningful education ...

Jul 12, 2012

Limitations of the Nesi’s Notes Analysis and Some Additional Questions

There are several questions that come to mind when looking over my analysis on Nesi’s Notes. The first thing I wondered was whether or not Woonsocket had raised local revenues by similar amounts to other communities but had chosen to spend this money on other municipal services. Ideally, I ...

Jul 12, 2012

Using the Common Core Data on NCES

My analysis on Nesi’s Notes depended entirely on the National Center for Education Statistics’ Common Core Data. The per pupil amounts reported to NCES may look a bit different from state sources of this information. There are several explanations of this. First, the enrollment counts used to generate per ...