Apr 25, 2012

Downtown Improvement District

My favorite tax bill.

Mar 20, 2012

Providence needs a little innovation

Have you ever tried to access public information about Providence on the web? Due to the recent, and new, requirement that residents reapply for their homestead tax exemption in Providence, I decided to poke around the Providence webpage to see what kind of public information on property was available online ...

Feb 15, 2012

Social Promotion, Tutoring, and Funding

Social promotion, in education circles, refers to the practice of allowing students to move on to the next grade level or course even though they are unable to demonstrate they have mastered the skills and knowledge they were expected to learn. Ending or reducing social promotion has been a major ...

Feb 09, 2012

Worth It: Five Stories from the Last Week

I read literally hundreds of posts from RSS feeds every day. I use Google Reader as an aggregator, Reeder to actually read through my feeds, and Pinboard for social bookmarking and posting1.

In order to capture just a small slice of the stories I really enjoyed, I’ve decided ...

Jan 31, 2012

Bank of America will leave 111 Westminster

I was pretty disappointed, but not surprised, that Bank of America has chosen to leave 111 Westminster Street. The building is an iconic anchor to downtown Providence. Unfortunately, this space has not been properly refurbished to more modern standards or for multi-tenancy. I share some ideas for a use befitting the space.