Jan 25, 2012

Providence Pensions— Let’s Call a Spade a Spade (or the COLA a Raise)

Ted Nesi has done a pretty solid job tracing the history of some awful decisions made by union-dominated boards that resulted in a significant number of retirees in the early-90s receiving 5% or 6% annually compounded interest on their retirement income. These are often called COLAs, or cost-of-living adjustments.

Today ...

Jan 23, 2012

Providence Real Estate Sales in R

The past few months I’ve been learning how to use R. This morning, I decided to try out two first— importing a table of data that is being read of the web and overlaying location data onto a map.

With a little bit of Google skills and just enough ...

Jan 18, 2012

What if the technology revolution in schools is really about the simple stuff?

The complicated school day is essentially designed so the minimum number of staff are away from kids at any given time. Some folks are trying to combat this with common planning time and other scheduling gymnastics. These attempts are up against a strong opposing priority— students must be with an ...

Jan 13, 2012

Value-Added on Core Knowledge Blog— some thoughts on Chetty, Friedman, and Rockoff

Jessica Lahey wrote an interesting post over on Core Knowledge Blog that I decided to comment on.

After I read back my comment, I realized it would be worth copying over here as it’s own blog post.

The most interesting part of the Chetty, Friedman, and Rockoff study is ...

Jan 07, 2012

Associated Press: Israeli schools not looking so good against OECD peers.

I read an interesting article this morning on Israeli schools. Facing extreme poverty among Arab-Israeli’s and the ultra-orthodox, Israel struggles to maintain three separate school systems and succeed. It reminded me of some interesting centralized policy reforms in Israel that have led to great natural experiments. For example, so-called ...