Dec 19, 2011

GrapheR is an awesome GUI for R beginners

If you’re just beginning to use R and want a quick and easy way to make some charts/graphs, etc, GrapheR is a great package to quickly produce high quality plots through a self-explanatory GUI. Here‘s an article in The R Journal today.

My only complaint is that ...

Dec 14, 2011

House wants unemployed to earn GEDs against all economic sense

Congress thinks aboutr enforcing a GED requirement for recepients of unemployment. What does research suggest?

Dec 12, 2011

Diane Ravitch, rebuttals.

A bit of a mea culpa, where I share smarter, more nuanced, and more informed takes than what I offered on this blog on a recent TNR article about Diane Ravitch.

Dec 11, 2011

How to use Picasa with iOS5

I’m mostly writing this post because I had a fairly hard time finding a resolution to a real pesky error. For some reason, my iPhone 4S was recognized by Picasa but always failed to import photos. Whenever I tried, the Picasa was clearly scanning through the files and then ...

Dec 08, 2011

How Social Reading Should Work

Is there anyone out there among the thousands of social startups who understands how I read?