Feb 10, 2014

Freedom Should Be Reserved for the Wealthy

These quotes are absolutely striking, in that they give a clear glimpse into the ideological commitments of the Republican Party. From Sen. Blunt and Rep. Cole, we get the revelation that— for conservatives— the only “work” worth acknowledging is wage labor. To myself, and many others, someone who retires early ...

Feb 06, 2014


My Democracy Prep colleague Lindsay Malanga and I often say we should start an organization called the Coalition of Pretty Good Schools. We’d start with the following principles.

  1. Every child must have a safe, warm, disruption-free classroom as a non-negotiable, fundamental right.
  2. All children should be taught to read ...

Jan 07, 2014

Garrahy Complex: Rules for Public Investment in Parking

James over at TransportPVD has a great post today talking about a Salt Lake City ordinance that makes property owners responsible for providing a bond that funds the landscaping and maintenance of vacant lots left after demolition. I love this as much as he does and would probably add several ...

Dec 10, 2013

Did public schools build economies, or did economies build public schools?

We find that public schools offered practically zero return education on the margin, yet they did enjoy significant political and financial support from local political elites, if they taught in the “right” language of instruction.

One thing that both progressives and libertarians agree upon are that social goals of education ...

Dec 04, 2013

Calculating Age with Precision in R


Turns out the original code below was pretty messed up. All kinds of little errors I didn’t catch. I’ve updated it below. There are a lot of options to refactor this further that I’m currently considering. Sometimes it is really hard to know just how flexible ...