Jul 12, 2012

Legal Context: Can Woonsocket Successfully Sue the State for Additional Aid?

My last post ended with an important question, “Who is responsible for ensuring students are receiving a certain minimum quality education?”

This is my attempt at answering that question.

Does the state have a legal obligation to fiscally ensure that Woonsocket students are receiving an equitable, adequate, and meaningful education ...

Jul 12, 2012

Limitations of the Nesi’s Notes Analysis and Some Additional Questions

There are several questions that come to mind when looking over my analysis on Nesi’s Notes. The first thing I wondered was whether or not Woonsocket had raised local revenues by similar amounts to other communities but had chosen to spend this money on other municipal services. Ideally, I ...

Jul 12, 2012

Using the Common Core Data on NCES

My analysis on Nesi’s Notes depended entirely on the National Center for Education Statistics’ Common Core Data. The per pupil amounts reported to NCES may look a bit different from state sources of this information. There are several explanations of this. First, the enrollment counts used to generate per ...

Jul 10, 2012

Update on Social Promotion

This poignant post from Michael Goldstein ends with a few policy thoughts that largely support my previous post.

Goldstein’s second point is worth highlighting:

Anyway, in a small school, large-scale research isn’t the key determinant anyway. The team’s implementation is.

On the same day that Shanker Blog ...

Jul 09, 2012

Work Place Liberty in the Context of Education

How can we tell if principal directives are fair to teachers?

There has been a great conversation circling some blogs I read over the last week about liberty in the work place.1 Issues of fairness in the work place are a constant in today’s education conversation. Whether some ...