Jan 31, 2012

Bank of America will leave 111 Westminster

I was pretty disappointed, but not surprised, that Bank of America has chosen to leave 111 Westminster Street. The building is an iconic anchor to downtown Providence. Unfortunately, this space has not been properly refurbished to more modern standards or for multi-tenancy. I share some ideas for a use befitting the space.

Jan 25, 2012

Providence Pensions— Let’s Call a Spade a Spade (or the COLA a Raise)

Ted Nesi has done a pretty solid job tracing the history of some awful decisions made by union-dominated boards that resulted in a significant number of retirees in the early-90s receiving 5% or 6% annually compounded interest on their retirement income. These are often called COLAs, or cost-of-living adjustments.

Today ...

Jan 23, 2012

Providence Real Estate Sales in R

The past few months I’ve been learning how to use R. This morning, I decided to try out two first— importing a table of data that is being read of the web and overlaying location data onto a map.

With a little bit of Google skills and just enough ...

Nov 06, 2011

Why isn’t the Core Connector using Westminster with full RoW?

I love that Providence is pursuing a streetcar. There are really just two things I don’t understand about the Core Connector‘s proposal. I’m going to tackle one in this post.

Why is the entire streetcar route shared with general traffic with no dedicated right-of-way? Truthfully, this isn ...

Sep 26, 2011

Downcity Residents Should Support the Core Connector and the Tax Makes Sense

I examine the direct costs associated with building a street car in Providence if they pursue the proposed special tax assessment zone. It turns out, taxing nearby residents for operations expenses is a pretty good deal for everyone.